a group of students sitting in a circle at Chum's, looking at the camera

Interfaith Gathering

students standing in upright yoga stretch in large room, facing forward

Body-Mind-Spirit Retreat

A large room fille with costumed people, some circling in dance, and a large screen in the background pulled down from the ceiling with an illegible slide. The scene is very colorful.


Picture of the Peace Room with backjacks (floor seats) in a circle and a large window in the background

Peace Room

large room with multiple tables of students sitting around them, with a speaker in front and a large screen pulled down on one side

Student Leadership Dinner


The Center for Spiritual Life offers a safe space for students to explore their spirituality and find their place in the world, on their terms.

Whether students are rooted in a particular faith tradition or searching for answers to fundamental human questions, we are here. We have staff chaplains trained in different faith traditions who help students find a supportive community, access a non-judgmental spiritual mentor, and find opportunities to serve others.

Faith Communities

A rich array of faith traditions are celebrated in community at Brandeis.

Sacred Places

At Brandeis, students drive the presence of religious resources and worship opportunities.

Chaplains and Staff

Brandeis chaplains offer counseling, support and community to students of all faiths.  

Events Calendar