Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. Each has entered our vocabulary in the last decade and the digital landscape is shifting almost daily. At Brandeis, the Social Media team manages the Brandeis University Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts and offers support to more than 150 social media managers across the institution.

Social Media at Brandeis

We offer an array of assistance to our campus partners, including content audits, best practices overviews, strategy brainstorming and other consultation with schools, departments and offices looking to form or maintain an existing social media presence or develop a new channel.

Before creating any social media account, be sure to consult the social media team to make sure maintaining a social media presence is the right fit for your needs and resources.

Starting out

Are you new to managing social media professionally or just new to social media at Brandeis? Be sure to check that your accounts are registered, review guidelines and commenting standards, consider your strategy and familiarize yourself with our accessibility requirements.