Welcome Incoming 学生!

取向 at Br和eis is created by students for students. 取向 is coordinated by a small group of student leaders who work closely with the Director of 取向 和 First Year Experience to create, plan 和 implement 取向 for new students. 

Your 取向 experience has two parts: 虚拟模块 & in-person 取向.  If you are joining us in August, your modules will be completed over the course of the summer. If you are joining us in January, your modules will be completed during the fall.

Virtual 取向 Modules

You will complete four virtual modules prior to your arrival on campus.  Three of these are your 取向 modules -  单元1:学术 & 职业生涯资源Module 2: Health, Safety & 健康 和 Module 3: Getting Connected On 和 Around Campus. You will also receive a module from the Health 和 健康 Promotion Office (HAWP) entitled "What Would Br和eis Do? Supporting Community Health 和 Safety" that you will need to complete. 

Your virtual modules will be accessed through our Learning 和 Teaching Technology Environment (拿铁咖啡) online platform. Once the modules are available, you will be able to access them by logging into 拿铁咖啡 using your Br和eis username (the first part of your Br和eis email address) 和 password. You will see a course on your dashboard where each 取向 module will appear once it has launched. The Navigating Health 和 Safety module will be listed under a separate course on your dashboard once it has become available. Click on the title of a module to begin the training 和 follow instructions from there.  

In-Person 取向

You will then join us for your in-person 取向 before the start of classes. 取向 will provide you with information, resources 和 relationships that will help ease your transition to life at Br和eis. You will be placed into an 取向 group with other incoming students 和 will be assigned an 取向 Leader (OL), a current student who will guide you throughout your in-person program.


There are some tasks you will need to complete before your arrival on campus. For August admits, you have tasks that are due between May 2024 和 August 2024. For January admits (midyear students) you will have tasks that are due between May 2024 和 December 2024.  See the incoming students 日期和截止日期 了解更多信息.

The Department of 取向 和 First Year Experience will serve as a resource beginning before your arrival 和 continuing during your official 取向 days 和 beyond. Along with this department, your 取向 Leaders (OL's), Community Advisors (CA's), faculty 和 staff will be here for you whenever you need us.

Important Dates for August 2024 Admits 

  • 8月22日: 入学的 International Student Welcome Days (IWD)Student Support Services Program (SSSP).
  • 8月23日: 入学的 Myra Kraft Achiever's Program 和 Optional Pre-取向 Programs (more information about optional Pre-取向 programs 和 how to apply will be available in late April).
  • 8月25日: New Undergraduate Student Move-In for first year 和 transfer students (move-in times TBD); 取向 will begin that afternoon
    *If you are involved in a Pre-取向 program or are on certain fall athletic teams you will move in earlier. Information about required 和 optional Pre-取向 programs will be available in early May. Athletes who will need to move in early will be contacted by their coaches.
  • 8月25日至27日: New Undergraduate Student 取向
  • 8月28日: 开学第一天