The Executive Vice President (EVP) for Finance and Administration is the Brandeis University’s chief administrative, business and operating officer and oversees all aspects of the University’s financial, administrative, human resources, campus services, investment, and information technology functions. The EVP works closely with the senior leadership team to ensure that Brandeis' financial, capital, and operational resources are optimally deployed in support of Brandeis' mission.

The EVP for Finance and Administration supports the overall excellence of Brandeis University by understanding and serving the needs of the university, schools, students, faculty, and staff. We coordinate and optimize University-wide planning and risk mitigation with a focus towards long-term impact. Through dynamic and collaborative partnerships, we provide high-quality and efficient services to the university.

The EVP for Finance and Administration plays a critical role in:
  • enhancing the responsiveness of central administration to the needs of Brandeis
  • improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and coordination of existing financial and administrative functions and practices across the University
  • leading the development and improvement of financial and administrative capacity in new areas that cross boundaries or traditional administrative units
  • achieving a more integrated approach to the challenges presented by new ventures in science
  • other areas that will call for more collaboration across traditional boundaries

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration also serves as a principal liaison with the Resources Committee and the Risk Management and Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.